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A Results-Driven Training Method

With 10-11 sessions/week, 1 active rest day, & 1 full rest day, you're guaranteed multiple 2 session days. The ICEFIT Competition+ program will get you ready for your next competition. 

Our programmer is the best in the business. We are lucky to have the first & only CrossFit level 3 trainer in Denmark!


What is the level?

On the Competition+ program, we expect, that you can already do high skill gymnastics, such as Handstand Walk, Muscle Ups, lift the standard weights & push yourself to the limit! However, we do offer scaling options. Be ready to push yourself twice a day! We also deliver video instructions for all exercises, in our system, see more about TrueCoach here!

149,- DKK for Students

169,- for ICEFIT Certified Boxes

199,- Standard Price


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