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Head coach

Carl Christensen is the mind behind your programming. He ensures quality for all of our athletes. He's the highest educated Certified Crossfit Trainer in Denmark, the only CrossFit level 3 trainer in Denmark with numerous completed courses!

He trains with ICEFIT himself to test all the workouts before they are released to our athletes!

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Mathias Pyrkov

Idea developer

Mathias loves ICEFIT just as much as everyone else. He is equipped with a great head full of ideas, and that's the reason why we enjoy having him on our team. Mathias is the definition of the ICEFIT community. We are sure, you'll get to see him at the next community training!

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Our amazing community!

Meet our awesome community! If you are already a part of ICEFIT, thank you so much, we couldn't do it without you! If you're still looking for the perfect program give us a shot! You'll find your next training family in us and our members!

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