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Icefit Fællestræning 22.01.2023-87.jpg
Icefit Fællestræning 22.01.2023-87.jpg

What is ICEFIT

ICEFIT is one of the prefered online training programs in the danish CrossFit community. You can pretty much find us in all CrossFit & functional fitness boxes around Denmark. After the beginning of ICEFIT, we rapidly grew into the large community we are today. Our success, we think, is due to our amazing community and the great results are members are experiencing in their training. We've managed to create friendships across boxes and regions. This is why the motivation for starting and staying in the ICEFIT program is top-tier. 

Our Community Training

Once a month we host community training strictly for our members. This is a huge success - we see people from all our the country meeting for a great day of fitness, fun, and friendship. This is exactly why this is interesting for you as a box owner. We only hire the best photo- and videographers who shoot amazing content which you naturally will get free access to. 

Icefit Fællestræning 22.01.2023-1.jpg
Icefit Fællestræning 22.01.2023-88.jpg

The people behind ICEFiT

My name is Carl Christensen. I'm the owner and founder of ICEFIT.

 ICE Fitness - Personal Training was the start of what's now known as ICEFIT. Personal training was great, however, the request for online CrossFit programming grew. That's when I realized it was time for a rebranding to today's ICEFIT - Elite Programming.

I'm currently the only CrossFit Level 3 Trainer & Certified CrossFit Trainer in Denmark. In addition to my Level 3 I have a number of courses related to training, programming, and CrossFit. This is one of the reasons why, we at ICEFIT, with confidence, can say we deliver quality programming and what might just be the best!

By "We" I'm talking about myself, Mathias; my right hand, and all the members at ICEFIT.

Our community is truly like no other!

What's the benefit of becoming ICEFIT Certified

- As an ICEFIT Certified Box you're allowed to use ICEFIT Certified as a part of your branding. You can use it on your website, your SoMe, and physically in your box.

- You will get box programming, Wod, and Endurance. You'll always be able to see 7 days ahead in the programming. That way you and your coaches can prepare for classes. We program for 1-hour classes with time to coach!

- I, Carl Christensen, will come to your box and do a workshop on whatever you wish for free!

- All your Open-Gym members will receive a discount code, specific to your box, for their programming, making your box more attractive than other boxes.

- You will be able to host the monthly community training. This will give you the chance to show your box.  You will get access to all video and photo material shot on the day as well.

Icefit Fællestræning 22.01.2023-160.jpg

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